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Post-Brokeback: New Horizons in financing LGBT Film

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RBC Financial Group

Saturday, September 9, 3:15pm - COR/Main Floor

The landscape of making films is ever-changing. Canadian films which have relied on a variety of sources for financing are now finding it necessary to bring international elements into the mix—distribution, cast, money. What does that mean for LGBT films which face other complex challenges? Has Brokeback Mountain's success opened doors and galvanized domestic and foreign financiers to invest in LGBT film? When a movie such as Transamerica lands studio distribution, how crucial is casting in getting a film financed? What is the role of foreign distribution in triggering domestic financing? In the case of Touch of Pink, how do co-productions between countries facilitate greater financing and at what other costs? And how do banks analyze all these elements in order to make a lending decision that shifts a film into high-gear and into production?

Moderator: Len Pendergast
Guests: Jennifer Kawaja, producer, Touch of Pink, John Buchan, Casting Director, Cake and Being Julia, Daniel McMullen, RBC Financial Group, Ray Murray, TLA Releasing, Another Gay Movie and Latter Days

The Bubble

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Xtra!  Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival

Monday, September 11, 2:00pm COR/Main Floor

Acclaimed Israeli director Eytan Fox (Walk on Water and 2003 Inside Out favourite Yossi & Jagger) returns to TIFF with The Bubble. Set in Tel Aviv, three roommates living a care-free life in a "bubble" face harsh political realities when one of them pursues a gay relationship and hides his Palestinian lover. Already causing controversy in Israel with its critique of the on-going war and frank portrayal of queer life, The Bubble, captures the political and cultural issues facing youth in Tel Aviv.

For the panel discussion, Fox joins his partner and The Bubble producer/co-writer Gal Uchovsky and cast members Ohad Knoller ("Yossi" in Yossi & Jagger), Yousef Sweid and Daniela Wircer.


Monday, September 11, 4:00pm COR/Main Floor

Director John Cameron Mitchell whose first feature Hedwig and the Angry Inch was a cult sensation unspools his latest film, Shortbus - a charming, evocative and surprisingly comedic study of six New Yorkers on a quest for intimacy and gratification. Dubbed by Variety as "unquestionably the most sexually graphic American narrative feature ever made outside the realm of the porn industry," the film features the actors engaged in real sex, not simulated. Join the filmmakers and cast, including lead actress Sook Yin Lee, as they discuss the odyssey of making Shortbus, the unorthodox audition and rehearsal process and the meaning of sexuality in an increasingly puritanical American society.

Moderator: Rachel Giese, CBC Online
Guests: John Cameron Mitchell, producer Howard Gertler, Sook Yin Lee and cast

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