Queer Lounging verb (kwîr lounjng) 1) to connect through common cause;  2) to move coolly and relax into a homey environment

How to... Lounge

Queer Lounge Toronto happening during the Toronto International Film Festival® from September 9-11, 2006 will be located in fashionable Yorkville—the heart of industry activities—and will provide the following signature programs (see below for Queer Lounge full service):

Industry Brunch
An exclusive industry brunch celebrating queer-interest Festival films.
Invitees will include Canadian and international filmmakers, talent, press and executives in entertainment.
Concert & After-Party
Exclusive concert event featuring top-name musical talent.
Event will include Red Carpet arrivals and Press Line
Exclusive VIP Room furnished in a hip lounge atmosphere
Post-concert VIP cocktail party
Hundreds of invitees will include entertainment industry, celebrity, press and sponsor-guests
Informative panel discussions with queer and queer-friendly filmmakers and other film professionals.
Guests will include filmmakers, talent and crew of queer-interest Festival films. Topics will range from discussions about specific Festival films to issues important to the LGBT community and filmmaking.
The Official Queer Lounge Film Guide
A must-have guide with at-a-glance listings of Festival films of queer-interest distributed to the public
Includes sponsors and Queer Lounge programs and panels
Queer Lounge media partners and local outlets in Toronto will be distribution points for thousands of Queer Lounge Film Guides

One fantastic development at this year's festivities was the introduction of the Queer Lounge... let's face it; this was the most consistently worthwhile place to make a (nearly) daily appearance.—Green Cine Daily

Queer Lounge Full-Service

Queer Lounge expanded services in Park City include:

A comfortable setting
A multiple-day, hip lounge atmosphere
Staff familiar with the festival and the host town.
The Official Queer Lounge Film Guide
An at-a-glance listing of the films and events of queer-interest
Includes our programs, panels and our sponsors
Lounge services
A bank of computers plus a wireless network allow guests to stay connected
Viewing stationsallow film professionals to share clips of their movies
Community board for patrons to exchange film information and distribute extra tickets
Informative panel discussions with queer filmmakers and other film professionals
Press and Marketing services
Central location for press conferences
Press locale for celebrity and filmmaker interviews
Computer bank and wireless network for press to file timely articles. 
Key location for the dissemination of flyers, posters and displays for festival films
Mixers and VIP Parties
Cocktail mixers (open to festival attendees 21 years of age and older). 
Sponsored VIP events (Guest Lists, Red Carpet, VIP Room, Catering, Press Line set-up available)
Top-name musical and comedy acts

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